Residential Alarm Systems

If you own or are building a new home call us for a free quote.  We provide the highest quality installation and excel in meeting the needs of demanding clients.  Our residential customer base is the Whoís Who in the Kansas City area.  If you need true home security, not just two door contacts and a motion detector, then American Sentry is who you want to call.  At your request we can provide a security analysis that goes beyond the alarm panel and may be the eye-opener you need to feel safe and secure.

 At American Sentry, we don't lock you into an ironclad contract then sit back and wait for your monthly monitoring payment.  We believe in providing you with customer service and personal attention.  We are so sure that you will like our service and prices, that we don't require you to sign a contract for monthly monitoring.  How great is that?


The 6270 TouchCenter keypad makes it easier then ever for your customers to take advantage of their security system features. Even the most advanced functions area snap with graphics and menu driven prompts guiding the user every step of the way. The intuitive graphical touch screen display provides easy centralized control for a variety of daily tasks for systems in homes or businesses. It also keeps the users in touch, with a built-in message center that letís them record and playback messages for one another. Best of all, you have an opportunity to offer your customers a unique new product at a price they can afford.


Honeywell Security Symphony

Symphony comes with the ability to control the security system and provide local lighting and appliance control, with an optional Data Services package, you can display a variety of Internet content such as news, stock quotes, weather, horoscopes and sports scores. Each family member can even have their own personalized screens to view e-mail headers and receive customized information. The Data Services Package also includes the ability to completely control the security system and Symphony remotely over the Internet with an ordinary web browser.

When using the Internet for alarm reporting, the Symphony-i version should be ordered.





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